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Vegetable based Glycerin USP
5 and 55 gallon drums in stock in Denver CO, Atlanta GA, and Columbus, OH.

Vegetable based Glycerin

What is Vegetable Glycerin and why do they call it that?
When Glycerin is referred to as Vegetable Glycerin it means the base glycerol used to make the glycerin is 100% Vegetable based. At we only purchase glycerol that is 100% soy based and America manufactured.

Is there a difference between Glycerin and Vegetable Glycerin?
Yes, by expressing Glycerin as Vegetable Glycerin we are representing that the Glycerin is 100% Vegetable based. If a product is referred to as Glycerin, it still may be 100% Vegetable based, but may be a blend of animal fat based glycerol or the seller may not know the glycerol source.

What is the difference in Glycerin and Glycerin USP?
Certification. When a product is labeled USP it is certified for use in Food, Beverage, and Medical additive applications. USP products are packaged in a class 8 clean room.

Any there any Glycerin USP uses I need to be aware of?
The FDA on July 6, 2012 has found Glycerin USP made from Jatropha seeds as toxic. The FDA recommends:
  1. Know, monitor, and audit supply chains of naturally-derived ingredients.
  2. Unless the composition of ingredients has been verified and does not pose a risk, conduct comprehensive risk assessments for naturally-derived ingredients.
  3. Confirm the composition of naturally-derived ingredients and conduct appropriate testing of these ingredients.
At ChemWorld, all our Vegetable Glycerin USP is USA manufactured!

Where can I purchase Glycerin USP?
The product is not commonly found in local stores. Some CVS and Walmart locations do carry the product, but not all of them. At we stock Glycerin USP in Denver CO, Atlanta GA, and Columbus OH.

Can I purchase Glycerin on the internet?
Yes. Glycerin or Glycerin USP ships none haz-mat and it safe for shipping. We do not recommend sending any liquid samples via USPS, rather use Fed-ex or USP.  Under Fed-ex and UPS guidelines they must ship to a physical address and not a PO box.

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All of our glycerin is Vegetable Glycerin.  Everything is in stock and ready to ship!

Same day shipping on small containers and drums if ordered by 11 am EST

What is Kosher Glycerin?
Kosher is a certification by the orthodox church. In order for a product to be Kosher approved a company must pay a Rabii to view the entire process. This certificate must be renewed every 6 months. A kosher certificate can not be a third party certificate. In order for the product to be kosher certified a company should be able to provide a kosher letter with their respected company name on it. Asking for a Kosher certificate is a good way to verify your Glycerin USP was packaged in conformance to USP certification.

Can I use Glycerin in Food?
Yes. Make sure to purchase USP certified glycerin. If you need a Kosher product make sure to get the Kosher certificate. There are legal limits on how much a person can consume. Please do your research prior to making products for human consumption. We do not provide advice on this for legal reasons.

What types of Glycerin do we carry?
Glycerin USP Kosher is from veg based glycerol. This product is vegetable based glycerin and kosher certified. It is approved for direct Food and Beverage Applications. USP means the final packaging has been performed in a clean room environment and has been packaged in conformance to USP requirements. Our Glycerin USP is the same product as Vegetable Glycerin USP. It is listed separately strictly for internet advertising purposes.

Our second Glycerin is from soy glycerol and has been internally packaged in house. This product is the same product, but has not been repackaged in a clean room environment and is not certified for direct Food and Beverage food additive applications. It should be used for non-food and beverage applications, such as Arts and Crafts, Bubbling Making, etc.

Who manufactures Glycerin?
There are many world manufactures in South Korea, Singapore, China, and the USA. Glycerin is a $4 billion US world product. There are a number of small manufactures entering the Glycerin manufacturing market due to the expansion of the biodiesel industry. The by-product of biodiesel is glycerol. This glycerol is then sold to smaller manufactures that convert the glycerol into glycerin. These manufactures are typically located nearby to reduce the transportation costs of the crude glycerol.

Example: 25% of the world chicken production is located in the SE USA (Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas). A number of larger chicken producers are now converting the chicken fat on site into biodiesel.  They then use the biodiesel as fuel for their internal trucks. This is a great example of where biodiesel cost justifies itself. Again the by-product is glycerol. This glycerol is then purchased by companies that convert the glycerol into other products. Some manufactures may choose to make glycerin and some may use it in other applications. Other nearby biodiesel manufactures may purchase blends of animal fat and vegetable for biodiesel production.

Where can I purchase Solid Glycerin?
A lot of soap producers seek solid glycerin. We currently have no source for solid formed glycerin.

What is Liquid Glycerin?
All our Vegetable Glycerin is Liquid Glycerin. Liquid Glycerin may be added to soap in order to produce extra moisturizing properties and to ensure a clear finish. It is easily dissolved into water and alcohol, but does not mix well in oils.

Liquid Glycerin has hygroscopic properties. This means it will easily absorb water from the surrounding air. If your container of glycerin is left open, it will absorb water and it will stabilize at 20% water and 80% glycerin. The taste would blister because glycerin is dehydrating. When water is used to dilute it, however, it makes the skin soft.

What is the difference between Liquid Glycerin and Glycerin?

There are some solid forms of glycerin that may be purchased, but by far the most popular glycerin is in liquid form. Solid glycerin is used in some soap manufacturing processes. ChemWorld does not provide solid glycerin, nor have we found a source for solid glycerin.

Do I need to use USP Glycerin?
If you require or desire the purest form, use USP Glycerin. If your application is not food or beverage related, you may consider using just glycerin a a more cost effective product. USP Glycerin has additional costs associated with it due to packaging requirements.

Is it safe to purchase Glycerin on the internet?
This is your call. Do your research on the company back ground. Ask the right questions, such as: Do you have a kosher certificate in your company name? Is the final packaging performed in a class 8 clean room? Have you viewed the final packaging facility in person? Is the product packaged in the USA?

Is it safe to use Glycerin in E Cigs?
We have no data in either direction that supports or does not support the use of Glycerin USP in E-Cigs. E-Cigs use Glycerin USP as a media for smoke development and for making the product sweet.

What is Glycerin Antifreeze?
Glycerin is used as a antifreeze in many applications. With the recent increase in Propylene Glycol costs some companies are converting to glycerin as a less expensive antifreeze source. Glycerin Antifreeze should be used with at a 50% solution with water. Glycerin Antifreeze is also commonly used in freeze packs.

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