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Glycerin USP Information

Download the Glycerin MSDS and our Kosher Certificate. Below is a chart of Glycerin physical specifications.

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 Physical Specifications Glycerine (Glycerin) USP
 Assay % by wt.
 99.5 min.
 Color, APHA
 15 Max
 Specific Gravity 25C
 1.2607 - 1.2618
 Residue on Ignition (%)
 < 0.005
 Chlorides (ppm)
 < 10
 Sulfates (ppm)
 < 20
 Chlorinated Compounds (ppm)
 < 5
 Moisture (%)
 0.5 Max
 Fatty Acids % Esters (NMT)
 < 1.0 ml
 Heavy Metals (ppm)
 < 5
 Arsenic (ppm)
 < 1.5
 Ethylene Glycol & Related (%)
 < 0.10
 Organic Volatile Impurities (OVI)
 Identification by IR
 Identification by GC

Glycerine is a clear water white viscous liquid that is produced from select vegetable feed stocks and refined via a proprietary process. This material meets USP specifications and is produced in a FDA registered facility.
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